If you are currently looking for a project for your bachelor's or master's thesis, please don't hesitate to contact us. IME offers a range of different topics in electrical engineering, control theory, signal processing and mathematical modelling and optimization, often with applications in biomedical engineering.

For students unsure about the field in which they want to engage their research skills, please note that we are searching students of many different sets abilities. Among them, you might find yourself, if you are inclined towards at least one of the following aspects:

  • Solving practical real-world problems with rich and powerful theoretical tools
  • Theoretical mathematical work for advancing the state-of-the-art and understanding
  • Exciting novel approaches and performing scientific studies for their validation

Accordingly, we are searching for students from all sorts of fields:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Medical Computer Science
  • Medical Engineering and Robotics


Theses projects currently offered include, but are strictly not limited to, the following topics ordered by areas of research:


Surface Electromyography

Resilient Control Systems

Advanced Control for Physiological Assistance

Fault Detection at DESY

  • Fault Detection for the RF stations of the European XFEL (English, German)

Autonomous Systems

We offer a variety of topics on advanced control and machine learning for autonomous systems. Some examples are listed below. The goal is to develop cutting-edge algorithms and to offer room for innovative ideas. Topics can usually be varied in scope and level of difficulty (Bachelor, Master, ...). Many of them can be implemented and tested in the Autonomous Systems Laboratory.

  • Motion estimation and localization for autonomous mobile robots
  • Online learning of system dynamics and parameters
  • Real-time processing of camera data for lane and object detection
  • Vision-based object recognition and sensor fusion
  • Maneuver planning and control under uncertainty
  • Reliability and functional safety of autonomous systems

As stated above, in addition to these projects, many more are available on request!