Mobile medical technology for integrated emergency care and trauma medicine

Our institute is involved in the national research project MOMENTUM, which stands for “Mobile medical technology for integrated emergency care and trauma medicine”.

The subproject at Institute for Electrical Engineering in Medicine deals with the reliable transmission of data via the public cellular network. To always maintain the connection to the core network, an additional connection via drones is investigated. These forward the signal to increase the range of the mobile cell in the ambulance. To ensure that the drone does not hold back the emergency services, it should start autonomously and find a suitable position for an optimal radio connection. The subproject, led by Prof. Dr. Philipp Rostalski, relies on the institute’s expertise in autonomous systems and modern control engineering methods. The institute’s experience in the modularization of medical technology devices can also be incorporated into the overall project.

Further information can be found on the project’s homepage.

Jonas Gruner, who is working on the subproject, is also happy to answer any questions.