Eike Petersen receives award for patient safety in medical engineering

In a joint work with M.Sc. Jan Graßhoff and Prof. Philipp Rostalski, M.Sc. Eike Petersen was awarded with the second place in the 2020 prize for patient safety in medical engineering by the German association for biomedical technology (DGBMT) and the Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit (APS). The second place, awarded for his work with the title “Monitoring the respiratory drive of mechanically ventilated patients using the respiratory surface electromyogram” (“Überwachung des Atemantriebs intensiv beatmeter Patienten mittels des respiratorischen Oberflächen-Elektromyogramms“) is endowed with a prize money of 1000€. The award ceremony and a presentation of the awarded work both take place next Tuesday within the annual meeting of the DGBMT. Congratulations!

See the full press release here (in German).