Dienstag, 27.09.2022

Paper "Closed-loop acoustic stimulation during an afternoon nap to modulate subsequent encoding" published in Journal of Sleep Research

The IME has collaborated with the CBBM and the Institute for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology to publish a joint paper on "Closed-loop acoustic stimulation during an afternoon nap...

Donnerstag, 22.09.2022

Three papers accepted for the IEEE flagship conference on societal implications of technology (ISTAS)

We are happy to announce that three submissions of members from the Ethical Innovation Hub have been...

Montag, 22.08.2022

PASBADIA Workshop took place within COPICOH Research Camp

On 22.08.22 a workshop around the project PASBADIA took place within the COPICOH Research Camp in the media docks in Lübeck.

The Research Camp was accompanied by interesting lectures of Dr.-Ing...

Mittwoch, 06.07.2022

Presentation at EASST 2022, Madrid

The IME's Arne Sonar successfully presented a joint abstract with Christian Herzog titled "Creating a future with algorithmic partners – A preliminary proposal for constitutive features for a ‘cooperative and communicative’ AI" at this year's EASST conference in Madrid.