Montag, 26.07.2021

Survey Preprint Published: Responsible and Regulatory Conform Machine Learning for Medicine

We have just published a preprint of a comprehensive survey of technical challenges and solutions to achieve responsible and regulatory machine learning for medical applications.

Machine learning is set to affect the medical community...

Montag, 19.07.2021

Comprehensive muscle simulator now available on github

The simulation model and software described in our publication “A Comprehensive Mathematical Model of Motor Unit Pool Organization, Surface Electromyography and Force Generation” is now available open source on github!

The simulator...

Donnerstag, 03.06.2021

IME part of Consortium working on new MCEA Medical Cause and Effects Analysis: Gateway to hybrid Health Care AI project

The IME has partnered with several institutes from the university of Lübeck, the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Plato AG and the UniTransferKlinik GmbH to develop a medical AI expert system. The MCEA project explores a system to support diagnoses and advice on therapy modes...

Donnerstag, 27.05.2021

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-Based Medical Engineering IMTE gets the green light

Individualized medical engineering is the answer to a growing demand for precision diagnostic techniques that identify patient-specific and disease-specific influencing factors and use these to develop highly effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment procedures with few side effects. This is...