Ethics of Innovative Technologies

The IME offers a course on the ethics of innovative systems ranging from artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, socially assistive robotics and others.






  • Each Winter Term

Modules (Available for all study programs):


  • Explore modern technologies and their social and ethical implications.
  • Get to know concepts from ethical theory as a common language for reasoning.
  • Have lively discussions and reflect on what you can do to shape our technological future.

Participants will be expected to read material ranging from the domains of both technological as well as social sciences. There will be a space and time in which you can present your findings, but the course's focus clearly lies on discussions and the exchange of ideas.

There will be an introductory session at the beginning of the semester, where participants will be given the opportunity to choose from a list of available topics.


Topics will vary each year, but examples can be drawn from the following:

The Ethics of Autonomous Driving

  • Current and future limitations and potential of artificial intelligence and reasoning
  • How to decide in desperate situations
  • Case studies

Robotic-Enhanced Therapy/Care

  • The ethics of socially assistive robotics and their use in therapy
  • Economic and demographic facts and societal acceptance 
  • Potential of socially assistive robotics - case studies

Is Technology Innocent?

  • Case studies
  • Accountability and technological advances

Algorithmic Bias

  • Machine learnings susceptibility to draw biased conclusions from biased data.
  • Example cases and future technical as well as governance approaches for mitigation.

Please note that the course will be conducted in German.