Two new articles by Christian Herzog available as open access

In both February and March, Christian Herzog, Head of the Ethical Innovation Hub, has published two new open access articles with the Springer journals "Science and Engineering Ethics" as well as "AI and Ethics".

Broadly construed, the papers deal with machine ethics and are concerned with the obstacles and pitfalls in bringing about machine ethics' laudable goals. 

The first paper, "Three risks that caution against a premature implementation of artificial moral agents for practical and economical use", sets the stage for preliminary forms of artificial moral agents in the light of economical pressures. Its aim is make a plea for holistic and realistic considerations in relation to machine ethics' use-cases.  

The second paper, "On formal ethics versus inclusive moral deliberation", deals with formal ethics as an instrument of power and questions the claims that machine ethics and formal ethics will lead to humankind's moral progress.