The IME's Christian Herzog Co-Hosts a Successful Session on "Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning" on this Year's Lübeck Summer Academy on Medical Technology

Alexander Derksen from Fraunhofer MEVIS, also a co-host of the session on "Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning" of LSA 2018, writes in a thankful email to all the participants: "After the event we were approached by multiple people from the audience who had very positive feelings regarding our session. To a large extent, we owe this to your contribution."

This is absolutely true and the IME is proud to be given the opportunity to co-organize the session, which included highly respectable speakers, such as Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn, director of Fraunhofer MEVIS or Prof. Dr. Susanne Beck, a specalist focusing on the criminal law and novel technologies. The audience were roughly divided into 50% industry representatives, 25% academia or hospitals and 25% students.