IME part of Consortium working on new MCEA Medical Cause and Effects Analysis: Gateway to hybrid Health Care AI project

The IME has partnered with several institutes from the university of Lübeck, the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Plato AG and the UniTransferKlinik GmbH to develop a medical AI expert system. The MCEA project explores a system to support diagnoses and advice on therapy modes using smart and efficient cause and effect analysis based on the expert knowledge of medical professionals.

The goal of the MCEA project is, to attain a system capable of assisting in a multitude of medical fields, that can also allow insight into the connections and interactions of these field. This will be achieved by incorporating medical knowledge from experts in many different fields into the system. In order to achieve its goals, the system will use AI methods as well as established FMEA methods, developed by Plato AG, which has over 30 years of experience in the field of Risk Management.

The Institute for Electrical Engineering in Medicine at the University of Lübeck will support the endeavour in several different ways, at first supporting the deployment of one of several pilot systems under development. Secondly the IME will support the efforts to apply AI and machine learning methods to the project.

The project aims to combine different artificial intelligence technologies, to utilise their different strengths and compensate for the disadvantages of individual systems, such as the lack of explanation of decisions when using neural networks ("black box").