Mittwoch, 13.03.2019

IME Paper Accepted at This Year's Weizenbaum Conference!

The full paper, entitled "Technological Opacity of Machine Learning in Healthcare" by Christian Herzog has been accepted for presentation at this year's Weizenbaum Conference.

Sonntag, 03.03.2019

IME article accepted in Automatica!

The article, entitled "Tube-Based Model Predictive Control for Linear Parameter-Varying Systems with Bounded Rate of Parameter Variation" by Hossam S. Abbas, Georg Männel, Christian Herzog, né Hoffmann and Philipp Rostalski has been accepted in Automatica, a leading journal in the field of systems...

Freitag, 01.03.2019

Proposal for Mini-Symposium Accepted for This Year's EMBC!

At the EMBC 2019, to be held in Berlin, Germany, July 23-27, 2019, Prof. Michael Friebe of the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg and the IME's Christian Herzog initiated a mini-symposium on the "Ethical Design Considerations for Medical Technology".

Freitag, 25.01.2019

Dr.-Ing. Christian Herzog Receives the Walter-Dosch Teaching Award 2017

For his award-winning course on the "Ethics of Innovative Technology", the IME's Christian Herzog receives the Walter-Dosch Teaching Award 2017 awarded by the STEM section of the University of Lübeck.

Montag, 10.09.2018

Ole Thomsen Receives the Innovation Award 2018 of the "Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaustechnik" (WGKT e.V.)

For his outstanding bachelor thesis "Leistungsgesteuerte temperaturüberwachte Lasertherapie der Netzhaut mittels adaptiv robuster H-Unendlich-Regelung", Ole Thomsen receives the Innovation Award 2018 of the "Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaustechnik" (WGKT e.V.).

Freitag, 06.07.2018

The IME's Christian Herzog Joined the National Working Group on "Artificial Intelligence" of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN e.V.)

As of Wednesday June 27th, 2018, Christian Herzog joined the German Institute of Standardization's national working group on "Artificial Intelligence" (NA 043-01-42 AA "Künstliche Intelligenz").