Freitag, 06.07.2018

The IME's Christian Herzog Co-Hosts a Successful Session on "Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning" on this Year's Lübeck Summer Academy on Medical Technology

Alexander Derksen from Fraunhofer MEVIS, also a co-host of the session on "Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning" of LSA 2018, writes in a thankful email to all the participants: "After the event we were approached by multiple people from the audience who had very positive...

Montag, 02.07.2018

Eike Petersen Accepted as a Visiting Scholar for LCCC Focus Period on Learning and Adaptation for Sensorimotor Control

We are proud to announce that the IME's Eike Petersen has been accepted as a visiting scholar for the

Donnerstag, 31.05.2018

“Künstliche Intelligenz – Perspektiven für Schleswig-Holstein“

On May, 31st our team members Prof. Georg Schildbach and Dr.-Ing. Christian Hoffmann gave short pitch presentations during the event “Künstliche Intelligenz – Perspektiven für Schleswig-Holstein“. Georg Schildbach briefly forayed into issues concerning safety concepts of autonomous vehicles and...

Donnerstag, 03.05.2018

Open Ph.D. Position @ MLL in Cooperation with the IME

We are currently looking for a PhD student (Doktorand) in the field of biomedical engineering and control to support us in our research joint research with the Medical Laser Center Lübeck. For more details, refer to

Donnerstag, 22.03.2018

Jobs @ IME

We are currently looking for a PhD student (Doktorand) in the field of control and machine learning for autonomous systems, as well as for a bachelor's or master's student (HiWi) with experience in python programming to support us in our research. For more details, refer to

Freitag, 16.03.2018

AUTOMED 2018: Ole Thomsen 2. Platz "Best Paper Awards"

Ole Thomsen, B. Sc., hat mit seinem Beitrag "Leistungsgesteuerte temperaturüberwachte Lasertherapie der Netzhaut mittels adaptivrobuster H∞-Regelung" auf der Konferenz AUTOMED 2018 den 2. Platz des "Best Paper Awards" belegt.

Donnerstag, 15.03.2018

Wanted: Master's Student for Research Project with Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

In a current, interdisciplinary research cooperation with the very well-respected Deutsche Sporthochschule (DSHS) Köln, we are looking for a motivated master's student willing to...