Freitag, 26.07.2019

IME Co-Organizes Two Successful Sessions at Last Week's EMBC!

The sessions, entitled “Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues of Machine Learning in Medicine,” and "Ethical Design Considerations in Medical Technology" featured presentations and were co-organized by Christian Herzog.

Mittwoch, 17.07.2019

Studienteilnehmer für Kooperationsstudie gesucht

Für eine am Institut für experimentelle und klinische Pharmakologie und Toxikologie durchgeführte, physiologische Studie, in deren Analyse das IME involviert ist, werden aktuell noch Studienteilnehmer gesucht. Studienteilnehmer müssen an mehreren Terminen einen Mittagsschlaf machen und kognitive...

Donnerstag, 04.07.2019

Presentation on networked discrete-event systems by Markus Zgorzelski

On July 10, 2019 Markus Zgorzelski from the Institute for Automation and Computer Control at Ruhr-University will visit the IME and hold a presentation on networked discrete-event systems. Please join the presentation at 2pm in room Banach.

Donnerstag, 13.06.2019

IME Article Accepted and Published in Control Systems Letters!

The article, entitled “Iterative Approximate Nonlinear Inference via Gaussian Message Passing on Factor Graphs,” by Christian Herzog, Eike Petersen and Philipp Rostalski has been accepted and published!

Montag, 15.04.2019

IME featured in IHK research brochure "Forschung erforschen"

As a follow-up of the IHK tour stop at the IME on November 8, 2018 the IHK published a research brochure entitled “Forschung erforschen”, (in Germany). The full brochure is available here:

Donnerstag, 21.03.2019

IME listed on Germany's leading AI platform

The joint research project between the Institute of Electrical Engineering in Medicine and Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA on intelligent processing on respiratory biosignals is listed on Germany's leading platform for AI "

Mittwoch, 13.03.2019

IME Paper Accepted at This Year's Weizenbaum Conference!

The full paper, entitled "Technological Opacity of Machine Learning in Healthcare" by Christian Herzog has been accepted for presentation at this year's Weizenbaum Conference.