Samstag, 18.07.2020

Philipp Rostalski receives the Heliprof award for the second time!

After his first award in 2015, Philipp Rostalski has again received the Heliprof award in 2020. Philipp Rostalski left no doubt that he considers the success of his teaching as a team effort. Without the commitment and dedication of the IME team, these awards would not have happened. See the...

Montag, 22.06.2020

The IME joins in on new super computer at the KI-Lab Lübeck

The University of Lübeck is the first in Northern Germany to acquire a five quadrillion FLOPS machine. The IME and others are collaborating in this joint effort for a powerful local eco-system for AI research. Read the full length press release

Mittwoch, 15.04.2020

[COVID-19] – IME teams up with Dräger to develop solutions for the fight against COVID-19

The IME and Dräger are using their established link of cooperation to develop solutions for effectively treating COVID-19-patients. By bringing in its expertise in controlling pneumatic systems, the IME is supporting Dräger during the development of novel concepts for cost-effective ventilation...

Mittwoch, 15.04.2020

[COVID-19] – Prof. Dr. Philipp Rostalski nominated for the expert panel in the Give a breath challenge of Munich Re and Fraunhofer

Prof. Dr. Philipp Rostalski is serving as an expert in the panel assessing and supporting a challenge aiming at finding solutions for non-invasive ventilation, masks and consumables and training. More details to be found here.

Mittwoch, 15.04.2020

[COVID-19] – IME supports ventilator project at CERN

IME helps designing a COVID-19 ventilator. A team of researchers at the IME is consulting the high-energy ventilation project at CERN in Geneva to build a powerful COVID-19 ventilator. More details and a first design can be found

Mittwoch, 04.03.2020

Neue Sprecher des Fachausschusses AUTOMED der DGBMT/GMA im VDI/VDE

Auf dem AUTOMED 2020 Symposium am 2. und 3.3.2020 in Lübeck wurde Prof Philipp Rostalski, Universität zu Lübeck (in der Mitte) als neuer Sprecher des Fachausschusses AUTOMED gewählt. Als stellvertretende Sprecher wird er unterstützt von Dr. Kathrin Lunze, ABIOMED Europe GmbH...

Mittwoch, 04.03.2020

IME’s Jan Grasshoff to win Dräger best paper award at the AUTOMED 2020

With his paper entitled Spatio-Temporal Gaussian Processes for Separation of Ventilation and Perfusion Related Signals in EIT Data, Jan Grasshoff won the second prize at the Dräger best paper award 2020. With his contribution to AUTOMED 2020 Jan showed the applicability of Gaussian...