Research Activities

At the Institute for Electrical Engineering in Medicine a variety of research topics are investigated. The research on the respective topics is mainly driven by a systems and control perspective and aims at improving both the quality of assisstance and the fundamental understanding of physiological control loops.

The area of physiological closed-loop control research is driven by a systems perspective on the human body. Using tools from modern control oriented modeling, parameter and state estimation as well as system identification, it is the goal to represent core dynamic properties of the human physiological system in frameworks for which modern analysis and control methodologies can be applied. This has to be done without neglecting the inherent complex interactions, in order to aim for safe and robust medical devices and assure reliable new observations in fundamental physiological research questions.

The robust estimation of internal parameters and states of physiological systems is a challenging task. This is due to uncertainties with respect to the precise mechanisms of the underlying physiological processes as well as due to the large number of different signal sources influencing every measurement of a particular physiological quantity. For most quantities there might not even be a direct way of measurement, especially when invasive methods cannot be applied. Any signal processing or control application dealing with physiological systems must hence rely on the use of sophisticated, robust methods for parameter and state estimation. At IME, we develop such methods-among others-by means of message passing on factor graphs.